Workers’ Compensation Recovery

Boehm & Associates assists a variety of entities in recovering expenses for which an employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier is liable. These entities can be found on our Clients page.

Boehm’s experienced staff is well-versed and always up-to-date regarding applicable state and federal regulations governing lien collection in workers’ compensation cases. In addition, we actively participate in the legislative and regulatory processes in an effort to voice our clients’ concerns in this arena.

We provide case identification services and handle client referrals. Each file is given comprehensive and thorough follow-through in order to maximize our client’s recovery.

Upon identification or referral, Boehm & Associates will take the following action:

  • Determine if a lien should be filed in order to preserve collection rights, or if the Independent Bill Review (IBR) process is applicable.
  • Move the file onto the proper track for recovery immediately, whether engaging in the legal discovery process before the WCAB or filing appropriate appeals for underpayment.
  • Provide experienced attorneys and hearing representatives to handle the legal files until the case’s completion.
Each case file is monitored and handled according to its specific legal requirements, including all required appearances before the WCAB, and any necessary pleadings, as the contexts or legal status of the case may require.

When negotiation does not result in a beneficial outcome for our clients, Boehm attorneys and hearing representatives will litigate the lien before the WCAB, taking the matter to lien trial and handling all necessary appeals, from Petition to Reconsideration to higher level appeals, as the case may require.