Boehm & Associates was founded in 1976 by two partners in order to address the lack of representation for health insurance companies in workers’ compensation cases in the State of California. It has since expanded to represent HMO’s, third party administrators, Taft-Hartley trust funds, hospitals, medical providers, and government agencies as well.

The Founding Partner of Boehm & Associates is Philip Boehm.  Mr. Boehm retired from a 20-year United States Air Force career in JAG and took a position as a hearing representative with Blue Cross in the Blue Cross workers’ compensation lien recovery project.  He observed that, aside from Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente, hundreds of payers for industrially necessitated medical care were unrepresented.  In 1976, he resigned from Blue Cross to start his own business representing previously unrepresented medical payers.

In August 1976, Boehm & Associates began its operations in a one-bedroom condo in San Francisco under the name Lien Services of Northern California. Boehm & Associates has since expanded and evolved into fully staffed offices in Northern and Southern California.

Boehm’s Managing Partner is Janine Staats.  Ms. Staats has supervised both Boehm’s Northern and Southern California offices for nearly the entirety of the organization’s life.  With her business background, she has managed Boehm’s fiscal operations throughout.  Ms. Staats has overseen and participated in the entire lien recovery process, from identifying and filing to prosecuting and resolving claims, in addition to training and supervising the staff.

Mr. Boehm’s seminal vision and enterprise are the foundation for today’s workers’ compensation lien recovery industry.

Workers’ compensation rules, legislation, and case law have changed the criteria for successful prosecution of lien claims, but Boehm & Associates has paid close attention to the process and has been instrumental in objecting to unfavorable laws and decisions, even intervening when necessary to preserve the rights of its clients. Over nearly 40 years, Boehm & Associates has remained one of the foremost representatives of industrial medical payers.