Non-Litigated Cases

Our Non-Litigated Case Billing service is a program aimed at enhancing and maximizing collections for Provider Accounts Receivable (AR). Boehm & Associates has extensive experience in providing follow-up and collections on claims/billing in which the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier has accepted liability but not paid or underpaid their bills. Our goal is to effect payment on such delinquent accounts while also minimizing the length of time these accounts remain unpaid or underpaid.

Upon assignment of accounts in your Workers’ Comp AR, Boehm’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • re-billing
  • following up with the Work Comp Carrier by written correspondence or by phone
  • determining the reason for denial of payment
  • conducting various levels of appeal addressing non-payment or underpayment.
If the Work Comp Carrier denies payment, but the patient has filed a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Board, Boehm & Associates is equipped to resume collections efforts by filing a lien on your behalf with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.