Why Choose Boehm?

Boehm & Associates strives to recover the maximum amount due, as early as possible, under applicable workers’ compensation law on behalf of its healthcare industry clients.  In some cases, Boehm collects more than the billed amount, with claims for penalties and interest.

At Boehm & Associates, our goal is to maximize recoveries with minimal interruption of our clients’ business operations.  Over the years, Boehm has enjoyed excellent working relationships with our clients’ personnel.  We value keeping our clients informed of important facts and issues, whether they be related to recoveries generally or to specific cases.  Additionally, we respond promptly to clients’ questions and concerns, bearing in mind that many competing priorities are confronted by billing office personnel.


Boehm’s management employs a well-established system of “checks and balances” to assure quality work performance and efficient work production.


Boehm’s two partners, Philip Boehm and Janine Staats, are both active working Partners. They oversee the entire operation on a daily basis.

To get in contact with Boehm & Associates about our services, visit our contact page.