Boehm & Associates
Healthcare Recovery Specialists

  • Workers’

    Boehm & Associates is an industry leader in the recovery and collection of revenue in cases for which the workers’ compensation insurance carrier has a legal responsibility. read more »

  • Third Party

    Our legal team specializes in the recovery of monies due for cases in which there is a liable Third Party. read more »

  • Non-Litigated

    We pride ourselves on the minimal impact on our clients’ regular business operations as we pursue maximum recovery for non-litigated cases that show unpaid balances. read more »

  • Expert Legal

    Our legal team is expertly trained and always up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation, ensuring that each case is precisely handled for maximum recovery. read more »

  • Long-Standing

    Founded in 1976, we’ve had a significant impact on the standards of practice for lien litigation in the State of California. We maintain a strong bond with clients both new and old due to our history of success. read more »

  • Over $1 Billion
    in Recoveries

    Since our inception, we’ve aided in collecting over $1,000,000,000 in recoveries for our clients, proving the dedication and effectiveness of our staff. read more »