Boehm & Associates Handles Third Party Liability Cases as Well as Workers’ Compensation Cases

Did you know that, in addition to our expertise in handling Workers’ Compensation cases, Boehm & Associates has also successfully handled Third Party Liability (TPL) for over 37 years?

Thus far, for the calendar year 2014, we have recovered over three quarters of a million dollars for our clients in TPL cases alone.   

Boehm & Associates offers an experienced team of experts to investigate, protect, and pursue recovery when services provided are due to a third party’s wrongful act or omission for both motor vehicle accidents and other tort actions.  (Examples of other tort actions include, but are not limited to, slip and falls, boating, air and rail accidents, swimming, diving, skiing, explosions, fire, falling objects, as well as certain class action suits.)

We assert liens for our hospital clients and enforce the subrogation rights for our payer, trust, and ERISA plans that have paid for services that should have been covered by the liable third party. In many cases, we recover the benefits paid in full without taking reductions for attorney fees and costs; this depends on the details of each case and the specific plan language.

Boehm & Associates handles TPL claims from start to finish. We assist our clients by providing training on how to identify these complex cases. Once identified, our team researches the facts, secures the lien and agreements to reimburse from the patients and/or members affected by the cases. We handle all the processing of correspondence and communication with all parties throughout the duration of the case, including participation in mediation and court follow-up. Our team fights diligently to ensure optimal recovery for our clients.

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